Meditations - Marcus Aurelius, Martin Hammond, Diskin Clay Marcus Aurelius' Stoicism rightly emphasizes the fleeting nature of life, but leaves the Stoics grimly focused on moral living for no apparent purpose other than "the common good." While Marcus Aurelius has many great insights into the nature of life(perhaps some of the greatest insights a non-believer has had), he is no Christian. Christianity lifts cold Stoicism out of its pessimistic, staunchly-disciplined lifestyle and breathes freedom into it, showing that while life is fleeting, there is ultimate purpose behind it. No longer does one have to try to pull himself up by his bootstraps into morality, but can achieve righteousness through Jesus Christ.

Marcus Aurelius is a pagan, but to the discerning reader, much wisdom and truth can be gleaned from his musings. I highly recommend Meditations.