Phaedrus (World's Classics)

Phaedrus (World's Classics) - Plato, Robin A.H. Waterfield Phaedrus is Socrates' discussion about love (eros). He moves from discussing love to discussing the nature of the soul. His argument is the basis for Aristotle's proof that there must be some sort of god, which was heavily influential on medieval philosphers and even apologists today. The reader should be aware that the context of Phaedrus is a man having an affair with a young boy (which was considered one of the greatest forms of love in Socrates' time). While most of what Socrates says about love can be applied to any relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual, this can be (understandingly) disturbing for many readers. However, if you can move past the context and focus on the point of his argument, it can be very thought provoking.