Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies - William Golding This book is a horror story about how easy it is for mankind to revert to a savage way of life. It attempts to refute the idea that given a perfect environment, peace and harmony would be the result. A group of British schoolboys are on a tropical paradise, with no dangers and plenty of fruit and pigs to survive on. Instead of getting along, there is a leadership struggle that ends with two boys being murdered and most of the boys reverting to a savage lifestyle, complete with spears, sacrifices, and war paint. At the end, they are on the verge of killing the original leader when British Naval forces land on the island and take control. The British Captain is surprised, but his surprise at the end shows us the author knows we shouldn't be surprised at all. Mankind is so incredibly bad, and society is the only thing that is holding back our inherent evil. Take away a form of society that controls actions, and you will get the result that occurred in this book, no matter what the environment is. This is truly an excellent book that contains a lot of truth and will give you something to think about.