The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code  - Dan Brown This book was very well written and captivating. However, Dan Brown uses his talent to push a worldview that is anti-Christianity. He suggests throughout the book that Christianity has hid the fundamental truths of goddess worship, an idea that goes back to pagan roots. He particularly attacks the inspiration of the Bible. He claims, through his characters, that "the Bible is a product of man... not of God." (p. 377) Brown also attacks the deity of Christ, suggesting that it was invented by a vote at the Council of Nicea (p. 380). Brown claims that Mary Magdalene was to be the head of the church, going so far as to claim that Jesus "was the original feminist." (p. 404) So, although the book was very well written, it uses fiction to work out a worldview that is totally incompatible with a scriptural worldview.